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Response to COVID-19

Our office has always practiced standard precautions, which means that we have practiced infection control as though COVID-19 were already present. Our office infection control standards use barriers, disinfection, disposables, and sterilization for controlling all diseases. In response to the novel corona virus, the office is preparing for this change. We are transitioning our standard precautions to COVID -19 transmission precautions. Specifically, KN 95 masks are worn, hydrogen peroxide vaporizers are used, infrared thermometer temperatures are taken daily for staff and patients, patients are pre-screened for viral susceptibility, appointments are staggered to maintain an empty reception area, and allowing no more than 50% of office staff into the office at any one time to mitigate congregating. Treatment staff have obtained COVID 19 antigen testing with negative results of the virus.

Because I am also on staff at Northshore University HealthSystem I receive daily updates on COVID-19 from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Our office is complying with CDC recommendations and those of Governor Pritzker and the Director of Illinois Department of Public Health, Dr. Ngozi Ezike to stay at home to mitigate the pandemic. The office has been closed since March 16 but will re-open on a limited schedule in accordance with the Governor’s “Restore Illinois” plan and with the Illinois Department of Public Health’s guidance to resume routine dental care consistent with minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. “Restore Illinois” is in accordance with the President’s plan, “Opening Up America Again.”

If you have a dental question, please contact me at: haradadmd@sbcglobal.net.

With the prolonged stay at home order, it is essential to maintain your oral health to avoid problems. Any bleeding or discomfort while performing oral hygiene, may indicate an existing infection. If you feel either of these even slightly, intensify your oral hygiene by doing it longer, not harder. Double your flossing time. Double your brushing time, outside and inside. Always feel the brush gently on your gum tissue. Brush and floss while sitting. This will steady your hand and you will be less distracted. What do you remove when you clean your teeth? If you are a patient, you know, so do your best and we will see each other shortly. Thank you for your understanding, trust, and confidence. Thank you for your understanding, trust, and confidence. To refresh the website, please purge your computer’s cache by holding the CTRL key and pressing f5.

Michael Harada, DMD

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1500 Waukegan Road, Suite 280

Glenview, IL 60025-2165

(847) 724-2444


Michael Y. Harada, DMD, FAGD – Glenview General Dentist

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Since establishment of the practice by my father, Dr. Masaro Harada, our office has been serving patients in the community for over 50 years. Through continuing education and staying current in the dental profession, I am able to offer infection control, the management of your medical compromises, and dentistry with an emphasis on prevention and occlusion. You will receive a warm, caring and friendly welcome, and our ongoing commitment to your dental health. New patients are welcome.

Dr. Harada was recently interviewed in VoyageChicago Magazine. Click below to read more.

Erratum: In paragraph five of VoyageChicago, Amachi was misspelled. The correct spelling is Amache. Amache Camp was the smallest of the ten Japanese American incarceration camps during WWII. It is located in southeastern Colorado. I apologize for my error.

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